6ª Reunião presencial do Projeto Erasmus+ Historical Places Build relations

6ª Reunião presencial do Projeto Erasmus+ Historical Places Build relations

Sunday 23rd April

Artur Carvalho (8ºA) e Mateus Fernandes (8ºD)

The meeting point to start our journey was Braga Train Station, around 12:30 and we waited for the Alfa Pendular train.  Once inside, and in our places, we waved to our parents until the departure time.  The train arrived at Coimbra around 3pm and half an hour later we took the bus to Carregal do Sal, because the trail that connects Coimbra to Carregal was being rebuilt. There, two teachers came to pick us, by car at 16:30, facilitating the trip and luggage transport.  In the place where our teachers were staying, Casa do Zagão, we waited for our host families, and we were very anxious to meet them.

Finally, late in the evening, our adventure and the experience in the Erasmus Project was about to start!!!

Monday 24th April

Gonçalo Oliveira (9ºB)

Today was the first day of our Erasmus trip to Carregal do Sal and it was an amazing experience!

We arrived at the Secondary School around 9 a.m. and the School Board welcomed the students from all the schools. After a brief introduction, we had a musical moment, which was great fun and helped to liven up the atmosphere. I loved seeing how music can bring people together.

At 10 a.m. we had a snack break, where I was able to meet some of my new colleagues.

At 11.15 we visited the local museum, which was very interesting. I learned about the history and traditions of the region, and it was a great way to start learning more about the village of Carregal do Sal.

At 12:15 we had lunch in the school canteen. The menu of the day included rice with hamburger, which was delicious, and dessert, chocolate mousse. We also had fruit, a healthier option. After lunch, some of us played volleyball in the school pavilion, which was a great way to make friends.

At 2.30 pm, all the schools presented their works. It was an opportunity to learn more about the stories of the cities participating in the Project. The presentation made by the school from Mutriku was about De Saturraran Prison, the school from León about the Spanish Civil War, the school from Naples (13 Martyrs), the school from Gaggenau about the Cobblestones and the school from Braga about the victims of 25th April. It was interesting to see and hear how each city has its own culture and history.

Overall, it was a very amazing day full of new experiences. I am looking forward for the next days!!!!

Tuesday 25th April

Afonso Rocha Silva (8ºB)             

On Tuesday, around 8:30, we went to Aveiro.  When we arrived, we had a little free time before the Workshop “Ovos Moles de Aveiro (Soft Eggs),” a local pastry delicacy.  So, we talked with each other while walking in the city. At 11:00, we went to the workshop where we learnt about the history of “Ovos Moles”. They showed us a video that explained how they were made and how it all started. After they let us put the cream on the “hóstia” and we could taste the final product. A lot of people loved it, others not so much. In my personal opinion “Ovos Moles” are amazing.

Afterwards we had a boat ride along the Ria de Aveiro, in the typical Moliceiros, passing under bridges and many beautiful Art Nouveau style buildings. It was very beautiful!!!

After that, we went to the shopping center where we had lunch and we walked in the mall to  buy some stuff like a football ball.

In the afternoon we went to Costa Nova. We saw the striped houses, spent one hour on the beach and we had a good time there playing games, taking pictures, filming videos (“Eu sou uma alface do LIDL”) and putting our feet on the water.

In the evening we went to Mealhada. When we were in the park playing football a friend of ours fell and opened his chin and teachers Jorge Cidade and Paula Tomaz took him to the hospital. When we were in the park, we ate the roast suckling pig (Leitão) sandwich, we talked mostly about what happened before and because of the incident we arrived at our host family around 21:00 p.m.  

It was a day full of emotions and we were all very tired. I only needed a good night’s sleep!!!!

Wednesday 26th April

Martim Rodrigues (8ºB)

We started our day by attending a class of Civil Protection, where we saw a little part of a movie.

After that, we went to the City Hall on foot, to be received by the mayor and then we came back to school to have lunch.

At 12:30 we went by bus to the beautiful city of Coimbra, which has the oldest university in Portugal. We visited Paços das Escolas, Palácio Real, and Biblioteca Joanina, which had over 20.000 books and a big Portrait of D. João V of Portugal. It was really very beautiful! We took a lot of pictures (individual; small and large groups).

Afterwards we went through the Arco de Almedina and we had some free time, about one hour.

I tried a new thing called bubble tea, and after that wonderful time we went back home.

At 8 p.m. I went to “Salinas”, a restaurant near the hotel, with my friend Gonçalo and I ate the best rump steak that I ever tasted.  Delighted, I came back, and I had a good night’s sleep.

Thursday 27th April

Gonçalo Loureiro (8ºB)

Thursday, April 27th, was the day of our visit to Cabanas de Viriato, the hometown of Aristides de Sousa Mendes, and we started with the outside visit to the “Casa do Passal”.

The House of the Passal belonged to Aristides de Sousa Mendes, responsible for the liberation of thousands of Jews from Nazi persecution. By granting visas he defied the direct orders of his government. Then we went to the Primary School where we saw tiles that were made by emigrants who visited the school and wanted to leave a message. Soon after we went to play football with some students, younger than us, and then it was lunch time in the canteen. Lunch was rice with meat, for the main course, and a pear for dessert. Then we rested for a few minutes, because we were exhausted after the football game.

Around 14.30 we participated in a tile workshop, which consisted of drawing how we felt towards the world situation, expressing our feelings and emotions. All groups had an element of each nationality, and the final work of all the Erasmus participants will be put in a mural.

Then we heard a presentation by Cookie Fischer. She talked about her mother, who was rescued from the Nazis with the help of Aristides de Sousa Mendes. He gave her a “visa”, which was a license to enter Portugal. Not only to Cookie’s mother but also to thousands of people. Aristides is known today as a savior. Soon after telling her story, we had some free time. So, we took a lot of pictures and played football with some friends, who were from Mutriku, Spain. When we went to the bus, very exhausted, we ate some energy bars. When we arrived at Carregal do Sal everybody went home, preparing for the farewell dinner and party that took place at the Secondary School.

It was our last night, and we experienced a lot of emotions. So, it was difficult to say goodbye.

Friday 28th April

João Maia (9ºA)             

On Friday morning we went to the school auditorium for the Certificate Ceremony. We received our Erasmus diplomas took some photos and listened to some music moments played by some students of Carregal. They had an incredible performance.

After that, while we were waiting for lunch time, we spoke with all the friends we made and people we met. Saying goodbye to the Erasmus Group (teachers and students) we met in our week, long journey to Carregal do Sal, was a mix of emotions, sadness and happiness.

When it was lunch time we went to the restaurant “Salinas”. The food there was fantastic. The soup was an amazing vegetable cream, I personally ordered chicken with potatoes and rice as main course and for dessert I ordered a tasty chocolate mousse.

Then we chatted a little bit with the waiter at the restaurant while the teachers were having coffee and after we took a quick trip to a nearby supermarket to buy some typical treats from Carregal.

While at school, waiting for the bus to Coimbra, we said goodbye to the friends we made on this journey. We had mixed feelings, of sadness, of happiness, of hope we would meet again. The trip from Carregal do Sal to Coimbra, by the national road, made us a little dizzy, but we survived! In Coimbra, we took the train (Alfa Pendular) back to Braga, with a short delay.

At last, the train arrived, and our families were waiting for us. We had a lot to tell them. We still don´t know if we will meet some of the students again, but we have some hope!