5ª Reunião presencial do Projeto Erasmus+ Historical Places Build relations

5ª Reunião presencial do Projeto Erasmus+ Historical Places Build relations

Nápoles – Itália

From 6th to 10th February, we participated on the Erasmus mobility trip to Italy. (Giugliano in Campania.Our trip started at dawn on the 5th and our expectations were high.  Ema was looking forward to travel by plane, because it was her first time. 

On Monday the meeting point was at the auditorium of St Guiliano school. We watched some videos about the other mobilities, and the host teachers told us about the plan for all the week. We participated in an activity on the importance of Erasmus Project in our lives. Next, we had a guided visit inside the school, and we took a group photo.

On Tuesday we visited the city of Naples city. (Piazza Plebiscito, Quartieri Spagnoli, Spaccanapoli, Cloister Claustro Santa Chiara, San Gregorio Armeno e Via Giudecca Vecchi and Maradona Memorial.

When walking around the city we had to be very careful, because cars and motorcycles were everywhere and did not stop.  Despite this, I was fascinated because all monuments were beautiful and   with a lot of history.

At lunch time we were divided in groups with mixed nationalities and so we could interact and know more about other cultures.

On Wednesday teachers and students from Naples introduced us to the school and after the coffee break all the groups presented their work. The school was huge, with many rooms and totally different from ours. I found the work from all schools very interesting as I learned a little more about the culture of other countries.

On Thursday we visited the city of Pompeii. It was incredible! A lot of history to discover!

We were able to see Vesuvius more closely and understand the size of a city that was buried under ash for years and years.

In the late afternoon we visited a pasta factory. I had no idea of the temperature it was exposed to. It’s too hot. I found it quite interesting, despite the fact that we only saw a small part of the factory.

Friday was the hardest day because we had to say goodbye. It was hard, but our hearts were full of great memories. Sadly, we had to go to Naple’s airport where we caught a flight to Milan and then we went to Porto to return to our families.

We could describe our experience in many different ways, but we think there is not one possible word to express the joy of meeting new people of other countries, making friends forever, in spite of the distance, and visiting beautiful places.  The teachers that went with us were very friendly and always ready to help, in all moments. 

For sure the most enriching week we have ever lived. 

We certainly want to be involved in another Erasmus Project again!!!!